Groundguard Ground Reinforcement Eco Parking Colour (BLACK)





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Tried, tested and sustainable ECO-Parking Grass Grid Paver can quickly and  easily be installed to create attractive, permeable and low maintenance  driveways and other hardstanding areas.

The three-dimensional, honeycomb grid (333x333x40mm) incorporates a proven  interlocking system that can simply be laid over any area of stable ground, that  once in-filled can withstand constant pedestrian and vehicular traffic – up to  20 tonne axle load or with the new ECO-Parking Plus, 30 tonne axle loads!

Filled with attractive coloured stone, pea gravel or seeded soil, the  finished aspect is aesthetically pleasing making ECO-Parking particularly  suitable for locations where the introduction of hard landscaping would have a visually negative impact.

Structural integrity is guaranteed as the frost and UV resistant ECO-Parking  system will remain dimensionally stable and in all climatic conditions making it  the ideal choice for all locations requiring erosion prevention, ground re-enforcement/stabilisation.

ECO-Parking is extremely versatile and being easy to cut will not impede the  planting trees and shrubbery or the inclusion of railings, fences and other  physical barriers.

Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material that wont crack, corrode,  rot or splinter, ECO-Parking has the environment credentials to reduce the  carbon footprint of any project.


-Quick and easy to install


-Proven connection system

-System reinforcement with natural  drainage

-Minimal maintenance

-Non-slip and crack proof

-Weatherproof and environmentally  friendly

-Frost and UV resistant

-Dimensionally stable

-Prevents gravel migration


-High strength

-(up to 250t/m)

-Up to 20 tonne axle load or with the new  ECO-Parking plus,

30 tonne axle loads

-Non expanding

-Low transport and handling costs

Applications of Eco Parking Grass Grid Paver

-Green Parking

-Emergency Vehicle Access

-Green Roofing

-Temporary and Permanent Roadways

-Hard Standing

Product Specifications of Eco Parking Grass Grid Paver

Dimensions: 33 cm x 33 cm x 4 cm
Wall thickness, Wall height: 3 mm, 40 mm
Weight per tile: 0.57 kg
Weight per m²: 5,13 kg
Compressive strength: Up to 10 t axle load in accordance withDIN 1072
Loadbearing capacity: Up to 320 tonnes per square metre
Natural stability: Temperature range -50°C up to 90°c
Dimensional changes: Approx. 0,5 % (at a standard temperature 20°c up to 80°c)
Humidity absorption: 0,01%
Environmental compatibility: Harmless, groundwater neutral, weatherproofand UV resistant
Solubility: Resistant against acid and leaching, alcohol, oiland petrol (strewing salt,  ammonia, acid rain etc.)
Installation: 100 m² per person per hour

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